Northside boxing Gym

Northside Boxing Gym

Introduction & History

Richard Lewer & Frank Karkalas

Northside is an old-school boxing gym located in the historic Preston Scout Hall. It was established in 1992 by the one-and-only Long John McCubbin who coached many Australian champions.

In the early days, Northside was a beacon of light in a working class community where aspiring boxers came from differing ethnic and social backgrounds to learn the ‘sweet science’. Politics and religion were left at the door. Youngsters would arrive at the club for the first time, angry, often from poor or broken homes. With guidance from the trainers they developed confidence and the realization that they no longer needed to look for battles. Once you were at Northside you became part of a brotherhood. You were brothers and sisters sharing a common bond. For many, Northside was a second home.
Northside Boxing Gym Ring
Northside Boxing Gym Class

Over the years, the community has changed and Northside has evolved, but John’s core values and moral principals around community, social attitude, and equality; bound by a commitment and discipline to exercise, still underline Northside’s very existence.Maurice Schott and George Karanikos took over the reigns in 2002. Maurice grew the fighters stable: he coached the likes of Justin Nolan, Mark Schlieb, Chris Collard, Koder Assi and Korobo Etto. He gave tirelessly to the gym and with the help of George grew the membership and introduced fitness workouts. A dedicated team of trainers with different skills and abilities currently run Northside. It isn’t flashy. You put $5 in a tin at the door and away you go. It can change your life.


Class Timetable

Sessions 4:30pm – 6pm 6:00pm – 7:00pm
Monday Boxing Taz
Tuesday Boxing Big Pete
Wednesday Rose Ahmet
Thursday Boxing Vlad
Friday Boxing
Saturday 8:30am Sharp Rose
Sunday 9:00am Sharp Wonky

Opening hours:

In light of recent announcements by the State Government and density limitations Northside Boxing Gym will remain closed until further notice.

Mon – Thurs 4:30 – 7:00pm
Fri 4:30 – 6:00pm
Sat – 8:30am sharp
Sun – 9am sharp
The gym is opened weekdays from 4:30pm, with formal group classes noted in the timetable above start at 4:30pm. Payment of $5 on entry and to be made at the door before commencing class.

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